Premise Cabling Solutions

No Compatibility Issues

ICC Premise Cables, jacks, and patch panels are fine-tuned to work together as an end-to-end solution.

Tangle Free

  • REELEX II™ tangle-free technology.
  • Reel-less wound coil.
  • Unwinds from the inside-out in a figure-eight configuration.
  • No moving parts are required inside the carton.
  • Carton dispenses cable perfectly straight.
  • Pull cable up to 30% faster, more efficient productivity.

3.5″ Payout

  • Eliminate twists, overruns, tangles, and other problems.
  • 70+ degree payout hole size.
  • A “wider hole” provides a smoother payout.
  • The tube extends 12.5-inches into the carton for balance.
  • Carton is designed to hold the tube.
  • No locking ring that can cause snags.

7.6dB Headroom

ICC’s CAT6 Permanent Link solution including modular connectors, patch panels, and premise cables stack up to 7.6dB NEXT headroom when installed and tested per TIA specification.


  • UL 444 listed for safety.
  • ETL tested for performance.
  • RoHS compliant, environment-friendly.

PVC Jacket

  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE) conductor insulation.
  • Flame retardant and polyvinyl chloride thermoplastic material.
  • Riser rated (CMR): prevents flames from traveling up the cable.
  • Plenum rated (CMP): self-extinguishes and does not reignite.
  • Polyester ripcord for easy stripping without tools.

Jacket Markings

  • Sequential footage marking to track usage easily.
  • Marked with performance and compliance ratings.

Pure Copper

  • Solid bare copper conductors for high-conductivity and flexibility.
  • 100% annealed copper, no impurities.
  • Cycle twist and flex tested: 1 million cycles at a rate of 120,000 cycles per 24 hours.

360° Shielding

  • Foil protected wires, available in CAT6A.
  • Reduces Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) by 50%.
  • Built-in star separator to separate wires and reduce cross-talk.
  • Built-in drain wire for grounding.

Performance Warranty

We can offer your site a 15-Year Performance Warranty without certification. Better yet, we can verify your site and offer a Lifetime Performance Warranty as well.

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